Joey Diaz Childhood And Cocaine Fueled Stories

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yt tony_rose_33rd says:

Who else comes tp.the comments and laugh while you watching it

Missing Diamond says:


Castle says:

Best duo there is

Agent Pleakley says:

Put some respek on bonehead! 🙏🙏

Colleen says:

His life is common
Believe me, If you were doing the club scene in the 80's & employed by the syndacite in any of their clubs or brothels youd see this guys stories are #1 lowclass, and very common amongst the lower class of people who ""tried"" to be part of the more influencial higher end group
Look at him, im sorry but you people are being impressed by absolutely nothing

daniel mayer says:

Joey "I climbed a ladder like oh Susana up to a second floor of this girl Lucy snorebush's house in the night and ate her pussy on a quaalude and ran out of there like a vampire burglar of the night. Got that snatch like a doctah" Diaz

R Patel says:


Alan Santiago says:

When the edibles kick in and you start whispering clearly

crazyspade 8 says:

Joeys childhood story’s makes it sound like he was living the movie kids in real life

opdo 187 says:

This guy tells so much stories that I begin to wonder if they are actually True and this joey is a dirty guy he said in a other video that he let gay men suck his dick I mean what a dirty piece of shit how funny his stories may be when I heard him saying that I got no respect for him or his Jokes

Bob Sacamano says:

"They were real fuckin' Italians"…..

immediately after,

"His mom was this little Irish lady"…

Jet Thomas says:

8:36 😂

Reece Baker says:

Na I believe in ghosts there 100 percent real

Psilocybin says:

Joe “djjjja” Rogan

jason lemaire says:


Sabina Dervisevic says:

holy shit… what uncle joey said about being addicted to DANGER STRUCK SUCH A FUCKIN CHORD FOR ME. it's so true. its not even really the high, just the chaotic lifestyle and the high of adrenaline and a reckless life. thank you for sharing man

Your Ego says:

What a little jerk. He was such a douche. “I made my mom give me back the twenty or I’ll kill her” who is this guy.

Neil parker says:

Joey Diaz is fat stupid disgusting piece of shit! He's not interesting or funny. Please stop bringing him on your show please!!!

Brytan William says:

no one:
chubby neckbeard randomly laughing: HaaHahhAAHhAHhAHh

Toon Vincke says:

Sorry joe rogan but you don't know shit about cars

ord2jpn says:

Listening to these stories inspires me to tell mine which is quite wild, but I'm not famous. Eh.

Spero Skoufis says:

Thanks Dr. Phil

〰Angel says:

Lmaooo washington court / jail system fucking sucks. especially the cops they sum bitches

Nobi Forskyn says:

This guy is so cool

Ethan Goff says:

Fuckin bone ed hahahaha

Andre Holton says:

Rip bonehead

Jack King says:

Brother I thought Joey was in his 60's. " '71 probably 8" he was probably born in '63. My father was fucking born in '63 and he doesn't look this bad. Fuck kids don't do drugs.

margaux says:

I laughed so hard i thought i was gonna shit myself

dcfanchris says:

The fact he was able to use heroin only once a week is fucking amazing!

Maker makes Pajamas says:

Joey Diaz is a real life grand theft auto character

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