John Lennon on being "England's king rocker" & downright HILARIOUS stories about Phil Spector !!!

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He called me and said “I’ve got the John Dean tapes, Watergate.. The house is surrounded by helicopters!? ” LOL.

Crazy stories about his lost weekend period, working with Harry Nillsen and getting Keith Moon, Harry Nillsen and Ringo in the same house..

Just letting you all know I have a flight to catch to see The girlfriend so I’ll not be personally uploading for 10 days, needs must 😉 I’m leaving a friend of mine who’s equally as crazy about The Beatles with a lot of my Beatle footage, documentaries (I have some great docs!) and interviews to upload.
I’ve done everything for him so all he needs to do is upload and copy and paste for the description…. If he doesn’t pass the audition be sure to let him know 🙂

John Lennon.
Phil Spector.
Harry Nillsen.
Keith Moon.
Ringo Starr.



John Alello says:

John is the King rocker….yes he is and always will be…..i love the part when john talks about ran away with the tapes.that was hilarious….thanks Beatle stories….

Anne Montgomery says:

Tapes going here, tapes going there, Hilarious !

redflamered says:

As usual, OH NO wrecks the interview.

Philip Brown says:

The greatest.

Harry Carrey says:

You dont ever hear about Phil Spector anymore…. I wonder what happened to him. He was a great producer.

RussellRoesner says:

I cannot stand the Yoko Ono cackling. She truly sickens the legacy of John Lennon.

MrBradymoss says:

Total joy to hear anything at all from JL. Unfortunately its partially ruined by that Japanese Barnacle giggling incessantly.

flak jac says:

didn't he start modern(4 then) 60s british rock?i mean 4 as getting on the charts.

riccardo estavans says:

John was weak and easily manipulated by that dragon lady

riccardo estavans says:

Jokos evil giggle.

riccardo estavans says:

Joko pure evil.

Ann B says:

I could listen to him talk for days. Funny how distinctive his voice is. No matter how many people are among him, I immediately know, "that's John talking!"

Jett 7276 says:

👓 ✌ 🗽 ⛅

L0rD F145h34Rt says:

I can tell just by listening to his voice exactly what year it is and how old he is. same goes for any pictures of him. It's funny because throughout his life his personality changes as he gets older. but substance use played a big part in that.

Fred Braid says:

England's king rocker lol how fucking arrogant!

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