Paul Merson Tells Hilarious Story Of His Penalty In A World Cup Shootout | England v Argentina

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. says:

But you didn’t, thank fuck!!!!!!

Robert Fletcher says:

Rubbish player how he ever got to play for England never know.

wolvesaywe says:

suck my dick merson you arrogant cockwomble..hows ya predictions going

J D says:

Gazza should have been in France 🇫🇷

jeffrey koh says:

England lost the Argentina game to the referee.

J H says:

I come on in the game wtf

Matt Simons says:

You might want to look up the word "hilarious" in a dictionary.

ULGMX says:

Great team but never won the World Cup

stonersid says:

nice one mersey lad…im spurs through and through but youre a rare gooner no one hates lad 🙂

fel b says:

Very funny! Arsenal legend!

luke patterson says:

What a shit story

Paul Duffy says:

your only sweating cos youve plugged your gear up your arse merse

Mario Mendoza says:

They had a great team, but they would've never beat Brazil or France.


I spent a lot of money on feelings

Allen Lymilt says:

scored in the world cup for england as a middlesborough player……. wenger had got rid of him at arsenal

Anthony Quigley says:

"Ah com on in'a GAYME". "Penool'is" Seriously there's way too many millionaire's walking around out there that don't even have a full school education… this guy clearly never went to college or even finished high school… it's ridiculous, it's shocking that 8th graders are literally able to get high results in spelling tests and math questions than these fully grown adults who're out in the world… HOW is this possible?>??

Colin Simpson says:

I'm always amazed how much the top pros rated Hoddle as a manager. I always think he comes across as a bit of a clown in punditry.

king Monkey says:

I spent alot of money on feelings, classic

william thompson says:

You should have been brought on 15 mins earlier. I could not understand why when a man down he did not bring you as you on immediately as you could control midfield and aid attack.

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