r/EntitledParents "NAME HER LIKE GRANDPA!" | Entitled Parents Stories Ep. 38

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Hey guys! Welcome back to a new episode. My name is Hegfreeze and today I have some really hilarious stories for you, from the subreddit r/EntitledParents.

You can also find more stories on my channel from other subreddits like entitled parents, pro revenge, I don’t work here lady, malicious compliance and so on.

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Hegfreeze says:

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notconvincedgranny says:

Actually, Valeri is an interesting name.

Niu_0Pz says:

Oh, boy. I can't wait to hear the kid being bullied because of her name. And when someone told her who gave her that name, she would hate them for the rest of her life. Probably disown them too.

shammy dammy says:

My father in law got upset that we gave our first born my father's first name as the baby's first name, and father in law's first name as the baby's middle name. :/

Queen Sunstar says:

Got a boatload of Larrys in my family. Let's see, Grandpa Larry, my moms dad, Uncle Larry, my moms brother, Big Larry, my moms uncle, Little Larry, my moms cousin, and a couple Larrys dot the family tree.

It is tradition in my family about the middle names too. My sister has two middle names, one for both grandmas. (Their middle names. She was the first grand baby on both sides, and considering the tradition, same for both families, my parents went with both.) I have my great grandmas name as my middle name, as does my younger cousin.

Athlynne says:

WOW, that first EM is a complete 'tard. I actually like the name Valari, but agree, no child deserves the name Larry.

Bruce Baker says:

You're being…culturist? English swear words, frowned on words, etc: bleeped, replaced or skipped.
Ukrainian "charkhaz"? Sails right past the censorship process. Unfair, inconsistent.

velvety2006 says:

David valari sounds a bit like a whiskey brand, like Johnny walker 😛

Dovile Maciulyte says:

Goddammit Lithuania, I thought we were doing good with keeping entitled parents away

beatrix the great says:

you know you can give the child the name "Valari" and change the nickname right? she can be called "Val" "Lara" "Lori" geeze. there are tons of girls named "Valorie" they aren't called "Larry"

Pam Cha says:

My ex husband’s uncle died 2 weeks before my daughter was born and the family insisted I had to name her Calvin after him and were very angry when I refused. I was very fond of the uncle but refused to saddle my daughter with the name.

GAGAK 178 says:

Larry a good names!

Ya sure like larry the scp 106 the old man?

Ahh okay okay 🙂

nymphelav says:

To be honest, Larry seems like a very cool and funny name to have. I wouldn't mind having that name haha. 😁

Ralsei The good boi says:

Yes I'm finally in the early squad!!

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