Ryan's Mom Reveals His Past (Ft. Luci Higa) – Off The Pill Podcast #16

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On this special Mother’s Day episode, Paco, Ryan and his mom, Luci, talk about their similarities, differences, and how she supports Ryan’s career as a parent. We also get to hear some hilarious stories of what Ryan was like growing up.

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that girl in okc says:

Paco did a great job interviewing. And Ryan's mom was so cute. Thank you for sharing all the stories. ❤

Akheel Maharaj says:

I like your beard 🧔

Kori Anders says:

Happy mother’s day to auntie! Such a lovable person!
Off topic but congrats Kyle on his upcoming marriage!

BlackBirdsDontSing says:

Not talking with your brother untill they leave for college is so relatable. We weren't allowed to b in the same room without supervision.

ButtonSmasher says:

My mom's name is Lucy your mom's name is Luci

Imelda Anderson says:

You guys talk too much about other stuff, but I still give you a like.😊

Justin_0907_ says:

Mom's spaghetti

Stickendothings says:

Let's be honest who kinda miss the Dear Ryan videos.

Afif Abdullah says:

Auth Appeal Podcast

Lauren Blakney says:

Kyle should be on the next one

Ulioh says:

Ryan Higa
Luci Higa

Amal Iqbal says:

Please put Kyle in one of the podcasts!! =D

DFADGE7K says:

0:56 lol

Dimi Kam says:

7:23 what paco says?? …l didnt know

Caloy M says:

Paco is such nice guy

Anton Dizon says:

Hi, Ryan and RHPC. It seems that all of your uploads turned into podcasts now, so does it mean that you'll be transitioning into a podcast channel instead? How about the other projects you're working on? I'm just really curious on how exactly you want your plans to turn out. No hate; just a concerned fan. Have a great day!

dante uzamaki gaming says:

Luci looked hella cool in the rap video cover.

joe says:

dear ryan , can you make your own version of the Alphabetic aerobics

typeerror101 says:


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