Shake's Hilarious Stories- "1st REAL FIGHT!"

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Everybody probably remembers the first fight…well Bobby does! Pull up a chair and get ready to bust a gut as I describe the fight of the century…okay maybe that’s stretching it a bit! 😉
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ReddyUp says:

Fitting intro XD

Ben LaDieu says:

Awesome Shake! I'll share my first fight that happened in 3rd grade (not technically a fight I guess haha).  2 guys followed me around the playground for an hour threatening me to beat me up, then I layed into the "minion bully", (which I don't think they expected) and bloodied his nose in one hit.  That took the steam out of them and they left the field.  I was terrified the whole time though.  Funny thing was the "minion" I hit turned out to be like a 7 foot giant goon, but he never messed with me after that initial time, though I saw him lay out plenty of dudes in high school.  I think he remembered my left hook haha.

Piano Piano says:

You should do minecraft stuff you will be good at it

Nobunaga Oda says:

Shake trust me its same in my school as how it was so many years ago when you were a kid

Nobunaga Oda says:

New story already??? I wansn't expecting it but hell yeah!!!

estebansays says:

U fergit to say 'hello max'!

U world Of tanks m8 says:

Im watching this on the euro tunnel they have free wifi !!!! Great vid shake

BlueSkin says:

Haha, nice one shake ! 😀 My first fight was 1 year ago, i messed that kids face up badly 😀 He was one of the though guys who think that it's cool to harass people on the street when they're out with friends etc. Well i guess he's never done that again after what happened xD

Flynny1201 says:

I was hoping to get first when I saw it was posted 18 minutes ago but I got 3rd noooo

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