Three Hilarious Stories From The Ghetto

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I was in a bad time of my life in 2014. And I lived with my big Russian friend in the Ghetto in Philadelphia. There were some hilarious stories that came about during this time. Hope you enjoy these memories! For those of you who’ve ever lived in the ghetto or know anyone who has, please share with me your stories. As always, thanks for your support and your comments!

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madmax1442 says:

More ghetto stories . Fight stories . Anything wild lol. Girls even though you’re mgtow . Interview interesting people . I Like your channel man. Fellow Angelino here.

obsolete professor says:

These two guys were standing on a street corner when a guy with a horrible nasally hair lip asks "ggrhhey wghere's tghe buth thop? The closest dude ignores him. The hair lip repeats the question..again ignored. Finally the hair lip gets disgusted and says Tghe gghell gwith ggyou! and walks away. The little friend looks up to his friend and asks "Why didn't you answer his question? The big friend says "Gghe miggtht haff tgghought Iggth wath magthhing fun oggthf ggthim".

obsolete professor says:

I guess the porch people thought you hired a hitman and were coming back to get your money.

obsolete professor says:

Your Russian friend is part lobster. Jordan Peterson says a lobster puffs up to warn others that he's a bad dude.

Chronicles of AJ says:

When i was living in the projects there was this lady who tries to flirt with me and introduce herself as milk but honestly doesnt have any titties lol

Razear says:

C'z up, B'z down, kill a blud, win a crown. 👑 hahaha

HeracrossKnight says:

I thought you were gonna rap.

Warren Wantoobe says:

+Jerry Liu, You would not believe what happen next, about two weeks later "The Big Mean Dude" slid his 300 pound ass one cold morning into his car seat, AND someone had placed razor-blades in a vertical fassion, I heard it took 200 stitches to sew his ass back-up! KARMA IS A BITCH!!!

Shawn Lucas says:

When Black people talk to you they are not having a conversation with you; they are sizing you up to see if they can take advantage of you.

Emperor Sam says:

Jerry did you personally feel on edge while living in the Ghetto? Your friends obviously did haha.

Tito Grass says:

You should be called Goofball MGTOW

Warren Wantoobe says:

This happened a long time ago, just by chance I started working for this self-made billionaire who at the time didn't even know how wealthy he was. So my boss was having problems with a local union who sent a bunch of Goons over to the main office to thump someone as a persuasion tool to force my boss to hire out of the union hall. So the biggest dude gets out of the car and walks aggressively towards me, leaving the four other thugs in the car. So I position myself so that the guy who's coming towards me is in between me and the other for just in case there's gunfire. I put myself in a stance and reach behind my back as though I had a weapon concealed put the other hand up and told him that he's close enough State his business, I guess the big guy was startled by my actions and he stopped dead in his tracks he asked the questions that he wanted to ask I was very polite and direct with him and dismissed him and was able to diffuse things because the only thing I had behind my back was my shaped like a weapon, so I went home took a long shower, and immediately developed a better planned for security issues and that never happened to me again!

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